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Medical Arts District

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The Kissimmee Medical Arts District lies in the heart of the City of Kissimmee and serves as a massive hub for healthcare-related businesses. The two existing district hospitals, AdventHealth Kissimmee and Osceola Regional Medical Center have invested well over $300 million into their campus expansions in just the last few years. The Kissimmee Medical Arts District has incentives tailored to attract medical specialties within this rapidly growing area.   

Medical Arts District Incentives
  • Building Permit Fee Reimbursement: No Max
    Offer eligible companies a 10% reimbursement in the fees paid to the City during the planning review process.

  • Development Review Fee Deduction: Up to $25,000
    This incentive will offer eligible companies a 25% percent reimbursement for the building permit fees they’ve paid specifically to the City of Kissimmee during project construction.

  • TV Commercial Production: No Max
    This incentive will offer eligible companies the opportunity to have a 30 second to 60 second commercial created by Access Osceola TV. Company MUST have a contract for the airing of commercials with a television station in the Central Florida market. Commercial shall include office location information and reflect “within Kissimmee Medical Arts District” or the district’s logo.

  • Hire Local Grant: Up to $25,000
    This incentive is only eligible to for-profit QTI companies.  This incentive offers eligible companies $5,000 towards the hiring of individuals that reside within the Medical Arts District or within a half mile radius of the Medical Arts District boundaries, or participants in a City-sponsored workforce training program. Companies are eligible to hire up to five (5) employees utilizing this grant, with a maximum allocation of $25,000 per company.  Employees must remain on the payroll for a minimum of one year.  

  • Medical Equipment Grants: Up to $25,000
    Offer eligible companies a grant of 25% reimbursement for costs associated with the purchasing of aerospace or operational equipment used in their office.

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