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Economic Incentives

Incentive Eligibility Criteria


To be eligible for economic incentives, a company must meet all three of the criteria below.

First Criteria

Be within one of the City’s target industry categories: ​

  • Aerospace (Aviation/Aeronautical)

  • Nano, Sensor, Clean or Renewable Technologies

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical Specialties

  • Preparatory High School

  • Post-Secondary Educational Institutions


Second Criteria

Create at least ten (10) net new full-time permanent jobs, or if expanding a business, increase employment by at least 10% or ten (10) net new full-time jobs (whichever is greater).

Third Criteria

Pay an average annual wage that is 115% of the Osceola County average wage. (2022: 115% = $46,113)


*Note: The number of jobs created may be reduced, however for every one job less, the average company wage has to increase by 10% and cannot fall below a minimum of five (5) new jobs created.

  • 10 jobs = average salary ............. $50,338

  • 9 jobs = average salary ............... $54,715

  • 8 jobs = average salary ............... $60,186

  • 7 jobs = average salary ................$66,205

  • 6 jobs = average salary ................$72,826

  • 5 jobs = average salary ............... $80,108

Kissimmee Loop Trail JYP Bridge Daytime
City of Kissimmee Incentives

  • 5-Day Building Permit Fast Track Process 

  • Building Life Safety or ADA Retrofit Rebate

  • Brownsfield Building Review and Permit Fee Waivers

  • Demolition Services Incentive

  • Kissimmee Mobility Fee Exemption

  • Kissimmee Utility Authority Commercial Line Extension Fee Waiver 

  • Free Kissimmee G.I.S Consolidated Mapping Information

  • COMING SOON: Hire Local Grant

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Kissimmee Medical Arts District

Additional Incentives: 

  • Building Permit Fee Reimbursement

  • Development Review Fee Deduction

  • Hire Local Grant 

  • Medical Equipment Grants

  • TV Commercial Production

Airplane Engine
Aerospace Advancement Initiative

Additional Incentives: 

  • Building Permit Fee Reimbursement

  • Chamber of Commerce Membership

  • Development Review Fee Reimbursement

  • Equipment Grant

  • Hire Local Grant

  • TV Commercial Production 

  • COMING SOON: Phase 1 Environmental Study

Grow your business in the City of Kissimmee!
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